Friday, May 17, 2013

A Conversation with Suanne Bone on Her Volunteer Work

Q: You were once fairly involved with the Lebanon/Wilson County (Tennessee) Chamber of Commerce, correct?

Margaret Suanne Bone: Yes, I am still an individual member of the Chamber. Our mission at the Chamber is to bring together the talents and energies of businesses, industry and individuals, to help shape a prosperous future for Wilson County.

Q: How are the various responsibilities at the Chamber managed?

Margaret Suanne Bone: We’re split into seven committees, including Ambassadors, Economic Development, Education, Government, Membership, Sports Council and Tourism. Each committee then has a vice-chairman who serves as chair, which is an appointee position.

Q: You’re also involved with the Rotary Club, right? What exactly does Rotary do?

Margaret Suanne Bone: That’s right, I’m engaged with Rotary District 6780. Rotary’s outreach is to help promote peace and prosperity through service, such as our End Polio Now campaign. We are partnered with the World Health Organization, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and UNICEF on this initiative.

Q: How does Rotary direct their energy toward this goal?

Margaret Suanne Bone: We do a lot of fundraising, advocacy and volunteer recruitment toward disease eradication.

Q: How long has the Rotary Club been involved with polio eradication?

Margaret Suanne Bone: We have been committed to this cause since 1985, and have a special connection through the late Bill Sergeant, who was chairman of the International Polio Plus Committee of Rotary International for several years.

Q: Closer to home, what sorts of projects do Rotary Clubs take on?

Margaret Suanne Bone: We’re working toward clean water initiatives in Appalachia, and education/literacy drives in East and Middle Tennessee.

Q: What are your own duties with Rotary?

Margaret Suanne Bone: I’m a member of the Lebanon Breakfast Rotary Club, as well as chairman of the Fellowship Committee. My father was a charter member of the club, and my brother, uncle and two cousins are also members.

Q: I understand you’re also involved with the Community Progress Committee?

Margaret Suanne Bone: That’s correct, CPC Inc. is a management consulting service for hospitals and health care. I serve as secretary to the Community Progress Committee Board of Directors.


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