Sunday, May 19, 2013

Homeowner Margaret Suanne Bone Says Friends and Family Make Homes Special

It’s hard not to love the charming Georgian Colonial on Greenlawn Drive in Lebanon, Tennessee, says owner Margaret Suanne Bone. The house tells a story that centers on what the homeowners were and still are so passionate about—family.

Back in 1955, developer Sam Stratton Bone Sr. and his wife, Margaret Talley Bone, decided to build their second home on Greenlawn Drive. Each of their three children, Robert, Stratton and Gordon lived in the home during various years. Every Sunday, Mrs. Bone enjoyed preparing lunch for her extended family of 15. The friendly family gathering went on for three decades. During those years, Mrs. Bone added many antiques to her home, which provide a welcoming and warm environment to visitors, says Margaret Suanne Bone. The rock used for the foundation came from a home on West Main St. Sam and Margaret Bone passed in the late ’90s. Their granddaughter Margaret Suanne Bone moved into the home in 2000. According to Margaret Suanne Bone, the only structural change to the original home has been the addition of the back hallway and the master bath.

Just like her grandmother, Margaret Suanne Bone enjoys cooking for family and friends. Suanne Bone also takes pleasure in displaying her grandmother’s china, one way that Suanne Bone carries on her grandmother’s traditions. “My grandmother loved to entertain and so do I, but I’ve had to learn that not everything has to be perfect,” says Margaret Suanne Bone. “What matters is that people know good food is cooked with love and that there is a place to talk,” adds Suanne Bone. Margaret Suanne Bone believes her generation needs to welcome friends and family into their homes more often, and set aside time to enjoy good food with them instead of worrying over little things that don’t really matter.

Being able to live in the home that her grandparents loved so much means the world to Margaret Suanne Bone, who had an extremely close relationship with both grandparents, especially her “Grandmommie.” According to Margaret Suanne Bone, the two had some of their best talks in this house. Margaret Suanne Bone adds that living in this house makes her feel so much closer to her grandmother who had so much to do with the woman she continues to become.


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