Saturday, September 20, 2014

Margaret Suanne Bone Shares Details about the Recent Franklin Classic

Margaret Suanne Bone
For Mercy Community Healthcare, the Franklin (TN) Classic is their largest fundraiser for the year. As a nonprofit organization serving both insured and uninsured clients in Williamson and surrounding Tennessee counties, Mercy must raise nearly $1 million annually to help cover the costs, reports Margaret Suanne Bone. Between registrations and event sponsors, Mercy’s goal was to raise $150,000 with this year's recent race. ​

Q: The Franklin Classic appeals to so many folks. Why is that so? ​

Margaret Suanne Bone: The Franklin Classic is an event that is on everyone’s calendar because it’s a lot of fun for families and competitive runners alike. Franklin Classic has something for everyone, and it’s for such a great cause... ​

Q: What exactly is the Franklin Classic run? ​

Margaret Suanne Bone: Franklin Classic is a 5k & 10k run, but it also includes a 1k Kids Fun run. It’s truly something the whole family can enjoy. ​

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Margaret Suanne Bone Shares Memories from Rosemary Beach

Stretching out over 107 acres, Rosemary Beach is a town in northwest Florida between Destin and Panama City that offers convenience and community, says Margaret Suanne Bone. A short drive from Northwest Florida Beaches International Airport and Fort Walton Beach Okaloosa Airport, Rosemary Beach is located on the popular beachside road, 30-A. With warm breezes blowing from the Gulf of Mexico and beautiful white-sand beaches, this gorgeous oasis serves as the perfect destination for fun and relaxation.

Visitors enjoy the tranquility and peace of sandpipers, singing gulls and gently lapping surf along Rosemary Beach, enthuses Margaret Suanne Bone. Amenities at Rosemary Beach include dune walkovers, pools, tennis courts and green areas. In the downtown area, gas lanterns and cobblestone streets give the community a European feel, even in the wintertime. Due to the walled gardens, courtyards and lighting, Rosemary Beach also bears a resemblance to the French Quarter in New Orleans. Margaret Suanne Bone enjoys the opportunity to spend an afternoon in one of the nearby parks such as Playground Park, South Barrett Square, St. Augustine Park, West Long Green Park, East Long Green Park and Rosemary Beach Butterfly Park.

Margaret Suanne Bone says that Rosemary Beach is known for stores and shops including Gigi’s Fabulous Kids’ Fashions and Toys and The Sugar Shack. In 2012, a luxury hotel named The Pearl attracted tourists from all across the United States. Margaret Suanne Bone often brings her day to a close at one of the area’s extraordinary restaurants, including Restaurant Paradis, Wild Olive, Edward’s Fine Foods, Cowgirl Kitchen, La Crema and Tapas and Aqua Coastal Sushi.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Margaret Suanne Bone Shares Spring Gardening Tips

Q: Why is gardening such an immense pleasure for you when spring rolls around?

Margaret Suanne Bone:
Just the sheer beauty of a well-manicured garden inspires and energizes me!  With springtime just around the corner, it’s important to keep in mind a few handy techniques that can make you gardening that much more enjoyable. Before you begin, check pathways, steps and fences for any signs of cracking or other damage. Many sidewalks and footpaths are greatly affected by snow and ice melting. If there are no clear signs of wear or tear, clear the lawn of any debris and get ready to think about mowing.

Q: Are there specific tools that can be helpful in this process?

Margaret Suanne Bone: Shovels, rakes and pruners may be beneficial.  Make a list of the missing items, and then order all the necessary tools to complete the project. Order shrubs, trees and perennials suitable for the garden, but not before raking and refreshing mulch in areas that are to be used for planting.

Q: Do machines like leaf blowers and mowers experience hardships during the winter?

Margaret Suanne Bone: In many cases, yes they can require attention or even a complete overhaul. Send the leaf blower and mower into the shop for servicing. Once these machines have been fixed up, refill the mower with a high-quality oil and lubricate any parts that may have gotten rusty.

Q: How should the homeowner prepare the soil?

Margaret Suanne Bone: Administering a soil test is the best option. Draw a few samples from each planting area to gather an accurate reading. If the soil requires further treatment, add elemental sulfur or dolomitic lime. The former lowers the pH level, and the latter raises it.

Q: When the soil has been treated, what’s next on the list?

Margaret Suanne Bone:
Removing diseased, damaged and dead branches found on woody plants is vital to ensuring they stay fresh and vibrant. Trim and thin shrubs like roses, hydrangea and butterfly bush to keep them healthy. Then, prune spring-blooming trees and shrubs after they have flowered. All of these steps can make a garden look attractive throughout the spring and summer months.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Margaret Suanne Bone Espouses the Power of Daily Exercise

Regular exercise does more than just aid in weight-loss efforts, according to Margaret Suanne Bone. It also reduces the risk of several conditions and diseases. The National Academy of Sciences encourages people to take part in one hour of physical activity each day, says Bone. Going to the gym isn’t always an option for busy, hard-working people, but the choices are limitless. Sports (tennis, swimming, golf) and household activities (housecleaning, gardening, walking) all count towards this daily total.

Margaret Suanne Bone points out that working up a sweat will have several longevity and health benefits. Combined with a diet rich in vitamins and nutrients, exercise can help improve and even prevent the following conditions.  

Heart disease

Regular activity lowers a person’s blood pressure and strengthens the muscles of the heart, says Margaret Suanne Bone. It also enhances blood flow and allows the heart to function. All of these health benefits reduce the onset of high blood pressure, heart disease and stroke.  


After analyzing 23 different health studies, researchers discovered that staying active reduces the risk of stroke. The study – published in the popular medical journal Stroke  – showed that active participants had 20 percent less risk than more sedentary participants.  

Type II Diabetes 

Margaret Suanne Bone shares that reported cases of this disease have increased dramatically – by 62 percent in the last 25 years. Currently, more than 17 million Americans suffer from Type II diabetes. However, physical activity can control or prevent this condition by enhancing weight loss. 

Losing weight reduces insulin sensitivity and blood pressure while improving cholesterol and blood sugar levels – all of which have proven vital to the health of diabetic patients. In the medical journal Annals of Internal Medicine, Harvard University physician Frank Hu, MD, revealed that a brisk walk could reduce the of type II diabetes as much as 34 percent.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Q&A with Margaret Suanne Bone: Gaylord Opryland’s ‘A Country Christmas’

Q: What can Gaylord Opryland Resort guests expect upon arrival?

Margaret Suanne Bone: A dazzling array of almost 2 million Christmas lights will put visitors in the holiday spirit upon entering Gaylord Opryland. A beloved tradition, this eye-catching annual display greets people from the Middle Tennessee area and beyond.

Q: Where should guests start on their holiday adventure?

Margaret Suanne Bone: “ICE!” is a particular favorite year after year. This experience gives people the opportunity to explore a gorgeous winter wonderland, complete with 3-D ice monuments and brightly colored ice sculptures, some of which are over 25 feet long. This year’s edition, “Frosty the Snowman,” follows in the footsteps of other popular themed programs such as “Merry Madagascar,” “Santa Claus is Coming to Town” and “Shrek the Halls.” The Radio City Christmas Spectacular is another stunningly beautiful event.

Q: What kind of musical entertainment will be found at Gaylord Opryland Resort this season?

Margaret Suanne Bone: The concert series, “A Not So Silent Night” will shine the spotlight on American Idol contestants Ace Young and Diana DeGarmo, as well as country stars Collin Raye, Ty Herndon and Jamie O’Neal. New in 2013, this concert features intimate renditions of the stars’ biggest hits along with a number of holiday classics.

Q: Are there opportunities associated with charitable causes?

Margaret Suanne Bone: For the first time, Gaylord Opryland will present “Canvas for a Cause: American Icons Give Back.” At this exhibit, original paintings made by TV and film stars, musical artists, major-league athletes and other public figures will be on display. These breathtaking original pieces will be placed on auction to raise money for a number of noteworthy charities and causes.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Homeowner Margaret Suanne Bone Says Friends and Family Make Homes Special

It’s hard not to love the charming Georgian Colonial on Greenlawn Drive in Lebanon, Tennessee, says owner Margaret Suanne Bone. The house tells a story that centers on what the homeowners were and still are so passionate about—family.

Back in 1955, developer Sam Stratton Bone Sr. and his wife, Margaret Talley Bone, decided to build their second home on Greenlawn Drive. Each of their three children, Robert, Stratton and Gordon lived in the home during various years. Every Sunday, Mrs. Bone enjoyed preparing lunch for her extended family of 15. The friendly family gathering went on for three decades. During those years, Mrs. Bone added many antiques to her home, which provide a welcoming and warm environment to visitors, says Margaret Suanne Bone. The rock used for the foundation came from a home on West Main St. Sam and Margaret Bone passed in the late ’90s. Their granddaughter Margaret Suanne Bone moved into the home in 2000. According to Margaret Suanne Bone, the only structural change to the original home has been the addition of the back hallway and the master bath.

Friday, May 17, 2013

A Conversation with Suanne Bone on Her Volunteer Work

Q: You were once fairly involved with the Lebanon/Wilson County (Tennessee) Chamber of Commerce, correct?

Margaret Suanne Bone: Yes, I am still an individual member of the Chamber. Our mission at the Chamber is to bring together the talents and energies of businesses, industry and individuals, to help shape a prosperous future for Wilson County.

Q: How are the various responsibilities at the Chamber managed?

Margaret Suanne Bone: We’re split into seven committees, including Ambassadors, Economic Development, Education, Government, Membership, Sports Council and Tourism. Each committee then has a vice-chairman who serves as chair, which is an appointee position.


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